Since 1995, Aqua Greens has been the leader in the manufacturing and installation of floating island and target greens and related accessories in the aqua range market. Recently, that market has grown to include homeowners looking to turn their unused pond or lake into a unique and entertaining golfing experience.


With the at-home residential market developing, Aqua Greens decided to purchase the patent and materials for the Extreme Green adjustable putting green in April 2020, the idea being to pair the two products together so the homeowner with an island green had a surface onshore to putt on. This would create a complete waterfront golfing experience, perfect for entertaining guests and family or simply enjoying a morning or afternoon of golf without having to leave the comfort of home.

One other thing that made the Extreme Green an attractive purchase was its versatility—Extreme Green takes up much less space and is significantly more affordable than other synthetic turf greens. It is completely mobile, and can be assembled and disassembled quickly for both indoor and outdoor use, ALL YEAR LONG. It does not take up a large chunk of property, nor does it have to become a permanent part of the landscape like other artificial grass lawns and putting surfaces.

For all of these reasons, not to mention the hundreds of different combinations of slope and break you can play on the Extreme Green, we feel it’s the perfect practice and entertainment companion for homeowners, golf instructors, indoor teaching facilities, event planners, golf tournaments, corporate outings, fundraising events, condominiums, resorts and casinos, poolside parties and more.

6x18 Pro Extreme Green
Extreme Green
8x24 Extreme Green
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